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Barcode Billing Software
Barcode data-collection technology is an effective way to improve the bottom line and meet the competitive challenges your organization faces every day.
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Barcode Billing Software

Barcode Billing Software barcode inventory control solution that can be customized to meet specific needs, or can be used "out of the box." This Windows inventory management software package allows you to print bar code labels and track inventory from order placement to product picking and shipment. The full relational database gives users control and flexibility of vendor, customer, and inventory tracking information. It gives you the tools needed to satisfy your data requirements, including bar code printing and seamless integration with label printers and bar code scanners. This below listed modules will be the step by step accessible managed & controlled program

1. Master's Module
2. Order Module
3. Job Worker's Module
4. Sale/Purchase Module
5. Others Module
6. Report Module
1. Master's Module:
  • Company Module
  • Client Module
  • Supplier Module
  • Job worker Module
  • Category Module
  • Product Details Module
  • 2. Order Module:
  • Purchase Order Module
  • 3. Job Worker's Module:
  • Issue To Job Worker Module
  • Receive From Job worker Module
  • 4. Sale/Purchase Module:
  • Purchase Chain Module
  • Sales Invoice Module
  • 5. Others Module:
  • Order Cancel Module
  • Rejection Module
  • Scrap Received Module
  • 6. Report Module:
  • Current Stock Module
  • Pending Order Report Module
  • Job worker Statement Module
  • Raw Material Module
  • Product History Module
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