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Accounting Management Software
Our software utilizes the latest technology to re-configure financial operations, improve staff productivity, enhance management information and increase profitability.
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Financial Accounting Software

Financial Accounting SystemSoftbyte Financial Accounting System is a suite of Windows© based accounting applications designed to effectively manage banks and credit unions.

Softbyte General Ledger Module

The Softbyte General Ledger module enables banks, thrifts, and credit unions to achieve the maximum positive bottom line impact to profitability, by delivering up-to the-minute earnings data, increasing executive productivity, and automating routine clerical functions.

Softbyte General Ledger is composed of four integrated functions: 

  • General Ledger Automation Budgeting, 
  • Planning and Forecasting 
  • Responsibility Center Control and Profit Center Allocation 
  • Core System GL Transaction Interface.

Softbyte Investment System Module

The Softbyte Investment System IMPACT, Investment Management and Portfolio Accounting System, combines easy transaction entry, daily updating, and automated month end processing with extensive reporting to provide the information management needs. Softbyte IMPACT Investments Accounting can take on your investment portfolio and ease the investment officer's management of earning assets by providing up-to-the-minute portfolio yield and status information. It is easy to operate, reliable, economical, and uses current Windows© network, and workstation technology.

Softbyte Fixed Assets Module

Softbyte Fixed Assets is a comprehensive record keeping and asset control system than can run stand-alone or interface with other systems to eliminate redundant entry. It supports book and tax basis record keeping, maintains on-line transaction histories for each fixed asset item, supplies complete transaction and file maintenance audit trails, incorporates operator-oriented entry routines, and adapts to the institution's unique accounting cycle. Depreciation methods provided include straight-line, declining balance, double declining balance, 150% declining balance, sum-of-the-years digits and ACRS.

Softbyte Accounts Payable Module

Softbyte Accounts Payable is a state of the art bookkeeping system that furnishes flexible invoice vouchering routines, solid cash management tools, computerized check writing, automated ACH entry generation, and 1099 reporting and tracking tools. Softbyte Accounts Payable provides a number of benefits including streamlined bill paying, duplicate invoice alerts, cash utilization management, and extensive reporting tools.

Softbyte Accrued & Prepaid Module

Softbyte Accrued Items organizes accrued expense, prepaid expense, and deferred income items into user defined portfolios. It supplies complete transaction and file maintenance audit trails, incorporates operator-oriented entry routines for item set up and inquiry, and adapts to the institution's unique accounting cycle. Softbyte Accrued Items provides a number of benefits including immediate access to current accrued, prepaid, and deferred item valuations, improved control through extensive reporting, and increased productivity through automation.

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